About IEEE Victoris

IEEE Victoris is a unique event that challenges participants to work on a project, providing them with online mentorship sessions to assist them in completing specific tasks and achieving their final project. At certain stages, the tasks are reviewed to filter the current participants and select the teams that will progress to the next round, the on-site competition. During this round, participants are required to present their projects to the audience and a panel of judges, who are experts in the field. The judges evaluate each project based on previously decided criteria, and the winners are presented with financial awards, in addition to special giveaways for the audience. IEEE Victoris provides participants with a unique opportunity to showcase their skills, gain practical experience, and receive recognition for their achievements.


Mansoura University




From: Saturday, 9/24/2022, 8:00 AM

To: Monday, 9/26/2022, 5:00 PM


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Youssef Hosny

Data-Science Speaker

Speaker Image

Mahmoud El-Batouty

Graphic-Design Speaker

Speaker Image

Mohamed Hassan

Robotics Speaker

Speaker Image

Mohamed Magdy

CTF Speaker

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Youssef Ahmed

Mobile-App Speaker

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Bassem Boshra

IoT Speaker