What is IEEEManSB?

IEEE Mansoura Student Branch is one of the reputable student activities at Mansoura University in Egypt. It aims to raise the awareness in technical fields. It was established in 2011 as one of the IEEE student branches in region 8 which includes Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our Events:

IEEE Olympics

Inspired by the Olympic games’ spirit, IEEE Olympics consists of five competitions. The three winning teams of each competition will be rewarded.
IEEE Olympics competitions can be classified into three categories, each cat…

IEEE Olympics 1.0
Career Insider

This event is dedicated to serve students involved in all aspects of engineering and related areas of science and technology the underlie modern civilization.
It also helps them to explore their path, be passionate, lifelon…

Career Insider 6.0
Code Steps

Organised annually to emphasize the importance of learning computer science to students in schools by making several sessions for each school, accompanied by entertaining activities to deliver the information as easily as poss…

Code Steps 3.0
Tech Elixir

We aim to provide workshops in multiple fields to help students to get into particular work lives.

Tech Elixir 1.0
Robots' Cemetery

Robots' Cemetery is a robot-fighting competition between two robots which are wirelessly controlled. The two teams should include as many weapons as possible to be able to stop the challenger's robot mobility for a s…

Robots' Cemetery 3.0

The New Blogs:

Egyptian Engineering Day 2021

Egyptian Engineering Day 2021


We are proud to announce that IEEE Mansoura Student Branch is an ambassador for the Egyptian Engineering Day 2021!

اعلان ايفنت Career Insider 6.0

اعلان ايفنت Career Insider 6.0


قليلٌ من العلمِ مع العملِ به، أنفعُ من كثيرٍ من العلمِ مع قلة العملِ به.

Web Development

Web Development


إيه مجال الـ Web Development؟ وازاي يبقى بداية شغل ليك؟

تعلم الآلة (Machine Learning).

تعلم الآلة (Machine Learning).


ازاى تعلم جهازك بـ3 طرق!

Journey to Programming.

Journey to Programming.


Mathematics, sewing machine, punch cards.. Do you see any relationship between them?