About us

Vision and mission:

Under the slogan Innovate your world, we aim to build an insightful, innovative, intellectually mature engineering community, which is aware of market requirements and contributes to its development.

Our board:


Mohamed Elmorsi


Mona Ahmed Nafea


Noura Algohary


Nahed Mamdouh

Our Committees:

Public Relations

PR volunteers are mainly responsible for multiple sorts of external communications starting from speakers and VIPs, all the way to media sponsors.

Financial Resources

FR volunteers are responsible for fundraising, and dealing with partners and sponsors.


Logistics volunteers are always prepared with the venues and all their relevant requirements. As well as our merchandise.


Multimedia creative volunteers are tasked with the media coverage of our events, starting from designs and videos, to photography and video coverage on real-time.


Marketing volunteers always come up with astounding marketing campaigns. Supported with market research strategists, they manage our social media platforms.